99 Ways to market your tennis programme part 10 – referrals

11714565_webReferrals are basically other people doing your marketing for you. When it comes to a people-industry like tennis coaching, the power of recommendations is massive.

If you are doing a great job and providing people with an amazing experience, they will naturally talk to others about your programme. But there are things you can do to make it happen even more…..


Just Ask

At the end of a session when people are happy (they are happy right?), ask them ‘who do you know who may enjoy our tennis coaching?’. If they come up with some names, have something which they can give to those people – a letter or flyer inviting them to come to try a free session.

Important – make sure you reward anyone who does refer people to you. This could be as simple as an email thanking them or giving them something like a free session or a discount.



Send an email out to your clients with an offer, for example:

“Recommend our tennis camps to your friends and receive 1 free session of camp for everyone who signs up.”

“Invite your friends to try a free coaching session – for each person who signs up, receive £5 credit towards your next course”.

With these kind of offers, you want to have a system set up to deal with it. So on your booking form have a section where people can mention who they were referred by. Or if you take bookings by phone or email, be sure to note who referred them so you can reward your client.


A very useful thing you can do is to give your clients (or email) vouchers for half price sessions to use themselves and give to their friends. For example, you can give each parent 10 vouchers for a half price camp session to give to 10 of their friends. Of course, this means you are giving heavily discounted sessions, but lots of people will sign up for your camps as a result, who will hopefully come back again at the full price and, of course, will be in your database so you can promote your programme to them. You may want to have some terms & conditions, e.g. new clients only, one voucher per family.

Hope you found this helpful. Add any of your own ideas in the comments section.

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