99 Ways To Market Your Tennis Progamme, Part 12 – Schools

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Schools are a great way of building, promoting, marketing your tennis programme – one of the best!

I’m not really talking here about just going into schools and asking them to give out leaflets or promote your sessions in their newsletter. although you can try that. In my experience, it’s now quite difficult to get schools to do that if you don’t have some kind of relationship with them. So what I’m really talking about here is building links with local schools, and there are many ways in in which this can help your tennis programme.

It can take some hard work up front to get that initial relationship with the school. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, and I think it has got harder these days with teachers being so busy and being bombarded with requests from outside companies. But once you can get that relationship going, it can last for many years and be highly beneficial to both you and them.

How to get the initial link with the school

Obviously you need to talk to someone at the school – may be the head, deputy head or head of sport. It helps a lot of you have a contact , such as a parent of a child that you teach, or a member of your club who has something to do with the school – someone who can get you a meeting or make an introduction.

If you don’t have that contact, visiting the school is the next best option. There’s nothing like that face to face contact. I’ve found emails worthless. Phone calls are ok, but you may or may not get your call returned. I’ve had some great results from walking into schools.

What to offer the school

Once you have your meeting, you may offer any of the following to the school:

  • After school / breakfast / lunchtime tennis club at the school (usually paid for by the parents)
  • Curriculum time tennis at the school (paid for by the school)
  • After school / breakfast / lunchtime tennis club at your club / venue (usually paid for by the parents)
  • Curriculum time tennis at your venue (paid for by the school)
  • Even private lessons at lunchtimes – I have done this for years, but tends to be private schools only
  • One off events at the school

One thing I highly recommend, although it takes a lot of work upfront, is to go into the school and run free demo sessions. You go into the school for a day or even 2 days and see every class in the school for 30 minutes. This is prior to starting tennis at the school. It’s a great way of building interest in what you’re going to do at the school. And at that demo session, the children all get a leaflet from you letting the parents know what you’ll be offering. Not only will this build interest, but the school will be grateful to you for giving the free sessions.

Marketing your tennis programme

Let’s fast forward a bit and imagine you are now running sessions for this school. This is a massive opportunity for you to promote your tennis programme to a large amount of children and parents, so how can you do it?

  • Make sure all the children get leaflets for your tennis camps
  • Also give them leaflets or letters inviting them into the term-time programme at the club
  • Special offers of membership
  • Do a parents’ session at the end of term – this is where you invite the parents to the final session, chat with them, maybe give out awards. This is a great opportunity to have some face-to-face time with the parents, tell them about your club  / programme, invite them to come along to try a session at the club etc.
  • If you are doing non-curriculum sessions where the parents book directly with you, you’ll get their contact details, particularly email addresses. Now you can promote your sessions to them by email
  • Now that you have a relationship with the school, they may be open to giving out your leaflets to the whole school and / or putting you in the school newsletter

So there you have it. Please comment below.

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