99 Ways To Market Your Tennis Program, part 8 – Free Online Directories

tennis marketingGo to google and search for the service that you are offering. For instance, if you are a tennis coach in New York, you might search for:

  • Tennis lessons New York
  • Kids Tennis New York
  • Childrens Tennis New York

You get the idea.

I searched for “tennis lessons Leatherhead” – one of the areas where I coach. The following results came up………

tennis lessons leatherhead   Google Search


You can see there are a couple of tennis clubs listed, then Google Places (which I’ll talk about later), then we have a site called Netmums, which I’ve outlined in blue.

This is a site for mums which lists activities for kids in the local area. Anyone can create a free listing. And there are thousands of these types of sites around. Some may be specifically aimed at sports and activities. Others, like Yelp are business directories which list any type of business.

What you want to do is list your tennis program or camps on as many of these sites as possible, starting with the ones which come up high on the search engines as this one did.

So the process is really simple really:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of someone searching for what you offer on Google – try several different words, sentences and areas
  2. Look for the free listing sites
  3. List your tennis programme on those sites


Organising Your Listings


Couple of tips here to make things quicker, easier and more organised:

  • Write out a short description of your tennis program / business – just a few lines. Also your phone number, address, website, facebook page address, twitter address. Save it all in something like a word document. You can then copy and paste this info. It can be very time consuming writing out all this info each time you list on a new site.
  • Prepare some photos. Find a handful that you want to use – crop them down to a reasonable size. There is a site called Bigstockphotos where you can take a free trial and download 10 free stock photos per day for 5 days. That means you could have 50 free photos. Just make a note in your diary to cancel before the free trial is up.
  • Keep a spreadsheet of all your listings – mainly the name of the site and your login details. I learned from experience that it is very hard work if your details change and you can’t remember what sites you are listed on.

The Paid Method

If you want to pay some money and get your business listed on loads of sites, there are services which will do this for you. You give them your information once and they list you on loads of directories. One site is Universal Business Listing. They have UK, US and AUS versions. There are other similar services which you can find by googling.

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