99 ways to market your tennis programme – introduction

anyone-for-tennisThis is going to be a series of 99 blog posts, each with a different way of marketing your tennis programme. Yes – I think I can come up with 99 different ways, and I’m going to do a new post about every 2 days, so be sure to keep coming back.

And it’s meant to be totally interactive – comment, ask questions, add your own ideas, disagree with things if you like.

But before listing the ways to market your tennis programme, there is one¬†obvious¬†thing to say, which is that all the marketing in the world will be pointless unless what you are doing is good quality. The best marketing you can do is to make your tennis programme fun, professional, well organised and good value for money (which doesn’t necessarily mean cheap).

That’s all for the introduction. Look out for part 1 coming very shortly.

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