99 Ways to market your tennis programme part 11 – joint ventures

A quick post here, just talking about a few ways in which you can team up with other people where you mutually help each other. Examples:

  • Team up with someone who runs classes in your area and has a large client base, e.g. a Zumba teacher. You know that a Zumba teacher will see loads of mums – the ideal people to promote your tennis programme to. And in return, you’ll do the same for her. This could be by sending out an email to your respective clients, giving out flyers, putting something on your websites / Facebook pages or just an announcement at the classes. So basically she’ll tell her clients about you and you’ll tell your clients about her.

  • Working with a local sports shop where you give away a free group lesson or camp when people spend over x amount. This is good for both parties. The sports shop gives away something of value to its customers, you get more people into your programme.
  • Local companies – in return for them advertising your programme to their employees, you can give a group discount to the company or a few free places.
  • Schools – I’ll do a separate post about schools as they are a massive way to promote your programme, but I’ll mention it briefly here. If you can get schools to give out your flyers, advertise you in their newsletters or email their parents about you, this is great stuff. But you probably need to do something for them. I’m often approached by schools asking for free lessons or camp places as raffle prizes, or you can do the occasional free session.
  • ┬áCharities – if you do some fund raising for a charity, they may well be able to give you some publicity.

That’s all for now. Please add your own in the comments section.




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