99 Ways To Market Your Tennis Programme, Part 7 – Facebook Page

Tennis Facebook PageNo doubt Facebook is here to stay, and is growing as a way for businesses to market themselves. And a Facebook page is a must for your tennis business.

A couple of concerns that some people have with Facebook are:

  • “I don’t want my clients seeing all my personal info, my photos, what I’ve been up to etc.”
  • “I’m not into Facebook, just not into it, don’t want to know what my friends had for breakfast etc. etc.

Well, don’t worry – what we are talking about here is a Facebook  business page. People who ‘like’ your page will not see personal info about you, other than the information about your tennis business that you choose to show. But what is great is that every time you post something on your Facebook page, it will be seen by everyone who ‘likes’ your page, and if they interact by commenting / liking / sharing, that will be seen by their friends – this is the viral nature of social media.

This article will cover the basics of the following:

  1. Setting up your Facebook page
  2. Getting ‘likes’
  3. Using the page to market your coaching programme

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Done? Let’s continue……

Setting up your Facebook page

I won’t try to reinvent the wheel here. The good folks at Ibrandyourbusiness have created a video showing you how to set up your Facebook page in 2014. REALLY quick and easy. Here it is (click bottom right to go full screen)…….

[imaioVideo v=1]

Getting Likes

The video above showed you the first few ways to get some likes to your page. Here are some more ways – after all, your posts are only going to be seen by people who like your page – and maybe their friends.

  • Ask people directly
  • Put something in your email signature e.g. click here to like our Facebook page
  • Mention it on leaflets, posters and other promotional materials
  • A competition or ethical bribe – for instance, ‘when we get to 100 likes’ there will be a prize draw for a free course of tennis lessons or ‘like our page and receive a free ebook of top tennis tips’
  • Facebook ads – more about this in a later post
  • Buttons on your website – if you’re not sure how to do this, comment below and I’ll help

Please add your own ideas in the comments section below.


Using the page to market your coaching programme

There is a book called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk (buy on Amazon.co.uk / buy on Amazon.com). Actually I haven’t read it, and I think it is maybe a bit too advanced for our purposes here, but the boxing analogy is great. The three jabs basically represent giving some value on your Facebook page – after all, it is social media. So this might mean posting a good video, article, funny picture, tips / advice, asking people’s opinions on things. Then the right hook represents selling, i.e. ‘taking bookings for our tennis camps now’.

facebook-tennisTwo common mistakes are….

  1. Always selling and never giving value
  2. Always giving value but never selling

We want to get the right proportions of both, so give lots of value – post interesting and fun things on your page, get people involved, ask opinions. Then when you do promote yourself, people will be more than happy. It’s also important to post regularly on your page to keep up the interest.

You can go very deep into the subject of Facebook marketing – I’ll do a post on Facebook ads soon. But this should be enough to get the ball rolling (pun intended).

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  1. rick holton Says:

    Karl Greetings fr George(south africa)I’m a pro tennis coach who has coached in florida(usa)/spain/mauritius/sa and find your fb/www pg’s fantastic/refreshing/informative and professional..

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