How to get free or very cheap photos to market your tennis program


You need photos for your tennis marketing right? For flyers, posters, Facebook etc. Needless to say, you don’t want to be just downloading them from Google as you might end up in hot water for copyright infringement. You can end up with a big bill for that. So here’s some ways you can get great photos for free and very cheap……..

Free methods


Take them yourself

When people sign up to your program, do you get them to tick a box giving permission for photos to be taken of them or their children? If not, I recommend that you do. In fact, here’s the exact wording of mine if you want to use it:

“Photo consent – sometimes we may take photos in the sessions. These may be used on promotional materials such as brochures and posters or on our web site. Photos may also be made available for you to download. Please indicate whether you give your permission for photos to be taken of your child”

If people don’t sign up online, they fill in a form with all their info, which also has the photo consent box. Here, you can download my form and use it for yourself. Right click and ‘save as’. Just take out the logo from my tennis club and put your own in.

Player Information

Once you have consent, you can occasionally get someone along to take some photos of your sessions for use on promotional materials – maybe an amateur photographer who is part of your program.

Alternatively, you can set up a free coaching session with the specific purpose of taking photos, and advertise it as such. Just make sure you get them all to sign a form and give consent.


Flickr Creative Commons



Photo by Stevan Sheets

Flickr Creative Commons is a part of the photo sharing site Flickr where people are giving permission for you to use their photos. You’ll see on the right, there are descriptions of the various licenses, but probably the most simple one is called ‘attribution’, which means you can use the photo but must give credit. The photo on the right is from Flickr Creative Commons – I’ve given the creator credit with a caption and by linking the photo to his page.

There are just thousands of photos you can use on Flickr for your tennis marketing.


Bigstock is a stock photo site, but they do a free 1-week trial where you can download 10 images per day for a week (can’t remember if it’s 5 or 7 days). Simply take up the trial, download your 10 photos every day, but cancel before you start to pay.

Pixbay is a site with a decent amount of free photos you can use.

Paid Methods


Dollar Photo Club is a site where you pay $10 per month and can download 10 photos at $1 each. I have joined this myself.


I haven’t tested it myself, but Bigstock’s paid deal looks good. For £69 per month, you can download 300 pictures. As long as there aren’t any catches, like having to sign up for a year, this seems like great value. You could take a month, download all the pictures you could possibly use, then cancel.


There are countless other stock photo sites out there, but the above methods should get you all the photos you need without having to spend much at all.

Share the love by putting your own experiences in the comments – questions, other methods that you use etc.



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