How to find tennis coaches

This post is updated as and when I find new methods for finding and recruiting quality coaches. So it’s worth bookmarking it and coming back from time to time……….


Finding good coaches when you need them can be a challenge. But there are a variety of ways of finding them. Here are some methods of finding coaches:

I suggest that you start immediately to build up a database of coaches who you can call upon. You want as many coaches as possible sending their resumes to you so you can build up your list.

Here are some ways to get coaches sending you their cvs / resumes:

  • Place ads online for free wherever you can. If you type ‘tennis jobs’ into google, you will find many sites where you can place and ad for free.
  • Take the contact details of every coach you meet.
  • Approach local universities and colleges, particularly sports ones. Some of their students may have coaching qualifications and be very keen to find work in their holidays. Ask the universities about advertising in their publications / newsletters or on notice boards.
  • Advertise with your governing body and trade associations. In England, you can certainly advertise for coaches on the LTA web site and on the Tenniscoachuk web site (this is the tennis coaches association).
  • Look within your current coaching programme for players who may want to take qualifications and get involved in the coaching.

 Surrey Uk only

  • There is something called the Surrey Coaching register. Just email your job details to and they will advertise the job for you.


 ADDENDUM 26/11/12

 I’ve just come across another couple of ways to find coaches: – This could be a good place to advertise for coaches for your summer camps.

The mighty Linkedin – I’ve not yet explored the full possibilities of Linkedin, of which I think there are many. But ‘groups’ are one useful option. For instance, there’s a group called ‘Tennis Coach – Jobs and careers in Tennis‘ where people post jobs they are offering – or offer their services.


ADDENDUM 18/3/13

Another resource is


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