99 Ways to market your tennis programme part 9 – websites where you can list your programme

In part 8 I talked about free online directories where you can list your tennis programme. This post is simple – it will just list any sites where you can list your tennis programme or your personal coaching services. Some will be free, some paid, some international, others limited to particular countries.

I will add to this post any time I come across a new site. Please do your bit by adding any of your own ideas in the comments section.

So, here’s the list……………………….

upmysport.com – seems to be UK only. A site where any sports instructors can list their services.

mumsnet.com – a site for mums. UK only.

LTA Allplay – UK only.

netmums.com – UK only

Spogo – another UK site which aims to bring venues, coaches and the public together. People can search by sport and by postcode and find you on there. By the look of it, you just contact them to have your details added, and I think it’s free.

Cobham Mums – ok this one is really local and will be no good to most of you (unless you coach in the little town of Cobham, Surrey (England). I just put it here to remind you that there are often these kind of local sites – in this case it is a site by a mum for other mums. It is run by a lovely lady who has been really happy to tell other mums about our tennis – she has brought her own children to try it out.

Clubbz.com – UK only.

Class4kids.co.uk – UK only.

Go Sporting – UK only (I think).

Mummysocial – UK only

Active Alfie – UK only

As you can see, this list is very short and UK only at the moment. I’ll be coming back and adding much more, but hopefully our cousins from America, OZ, Europe – anywhere – can add some of their useful sites in the comments.




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