Productivity tips & tools for tennis coaches


Productive Tennis CoachThis article is primarily aimed at tennis coaches, running a coaching business. But if you’re not a coach, read on – these tips will be just as useful if you’re a small business owner or self employed……

Running a tennis coaching business, or any other kind of small business, you can get absolutely snowed under in admin work. However, there are a few tips, tricks and tools which can make your life a lot easier. Without further ado, here they are. Please add your own ideas in the comments section……


1. Use Gmail & googledocs (now called Google Drive)


My life got so much easier from the day I started using these. Gmail is great. All of your emails are stored on the cloud (you might say on the internet). Rather than deleting emails, you can archive them and give them labels. And they basically get stored forever. There is enough storage that you wont get close to using it up.

These days, if I want to retrieve an old email from a client, I just search for their email address or name, and I’ll easily locate the email. If I get emails with attachments, I often now don’t save the attachment. I just archive the email with a couple of labels so I can easily search for it later. You can get access to all of this from anywhere with an internet connection. One example of how I use this is to store coach invoices – when they email me their invoice as an attachment, I don’t save the attachment or print out the invoice, I just save the email with the label ‘invoices’. I can then find this invoice any time in the future.

Linked to gmail is google docs. This is basically file storage on the cloud. As with gmail, you can label everything. But you can also edit documents online and they get saved every few seconds.

Another very useful feature is being able to share documents. For example, I have a load of resources for our tennis camps – sign in sheets, drills etc. All the coaches in my team have a gmail account and I simply share the folder with them containing all these resources so they can access it any time.

There are infinite other uses for google docs.


2. Store your regularly used web sites with only2clicks


Do you have dozens of different web sites which you visit, but struggle to keep track of them? Well there is a really easy solution – www.only2clicks is a really easy-to-use site. You can set it as your start page so that it loads up when you open your internet browser. You can store the web addresses (URLs) of all your favourite sites, in categories.


3. Pay for everything with your business card


Organised Tennis CoachWhenever you buy anything that will be any kind of business expense, use your business card to pay for it. Try not to ever use cash or personal cards. This makes your accounting so much easier.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t do the sensible thing and do your accounts every week – you end up having to do a few months worth at a time. Maybe not – if so, well done to you. But if you are like me and find yourself having to go back and do a few months worth of accounts, it’s so much easier if you can do it straight from your bank statement.

Whenever I buy anything related to business, it’s done with the business card, when I pay coaches it’s done by bank transfer (I always get them to email me the invoice which is stored in my gmail account). Any income is paid into the business account. This makes doing the books so easy – all I have to do is pretty much cope everything straight from my bank statement.


4. Get a web site

Things have changed. You don’t have to pay thousands for a web site and it doesn’t have to be difficult to update. You Tennis Coach Web Sitecan very easily & quickly set up your own web site using WordPress (which this site uses). You can see the site that I set up for my tennis coaching business

Then you can advertise all your sessions, term dates, prices, about the coaches, details of tennis camps, write articles, post videos & photos – anything! Answers to any questions which people have can go on the web site so that rather than answering emails & calls all the time, people will go online to find the answers. You can take online bookings & payments, which is easier than you think. Contact me if you’d like help with this

You can do everything yourself if you’d like. It’s easier than you might think. Or I can do it for you. Contact me if you’d like me to help you. Or look at my article on how to build a wordpress web site.


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