Race to the baseline – a serving game for 4 year olds through to pros!

rece to the baselineHere is a very simple but effective serving game which I use a lot! It works for groups of 4 year olds upwards, but as with many drills and games, it can be adapted for players right up to a very high level – just by changing some of the conditions.
You can see me show the game in the video below, but here are the basics:

  1. The children are all spaced out along the net with a cone – only a couple of feet back from the net.
  2. They serve – could be overarm or even a simple underarm serve.
  3.  Every time they get their serve in, they move their cone back by one racket length.
  4. It’s a race to get back as far as they can.

How to adapt the game for older / better players

  1. Play on a bigger court
  2. Set target areas where their ball has to land
  3. For really advanced players you could even have targets which they must hit in order to move back.

Do this drill in private lessons

I’ve even done this drill in a private lesson with a 4/5 year old and had quite a competitive game (which is worrying;-). I had to hit a small cone with my serve, the boy just had to get his serve over the net – I can’t remember who won but it was close!

Here’s the vid. Comment below. Thanks, Karl.


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