On this page, you will find resources for you as a tennis coach, including drills, coaching methods and tips, marketing and business, useful websites, free stuff, paid stuff………anything I can think of will be added as and when I think of it. Please contact me to add anything to this page


Drills / exercises / coaching methods & tips – Jorge Capestany’s paid membership site is the daddy of drills sites. 1000s of video drills. Even if you only sign up for a month, you’ll get a HUGE amount of value.

For accredited coaches in the UK, the resources section in your coach area now has some really good content as far as technical development and drills

Rob Cherry Tennis is a site with loads of FREE videos of drills, technique and more – is a site with paid and free content. At a glance it looks like there’s plenty of useful stuff in the free section. It’s free for USPTA members

Motor Skills Learning is a youtube channel with some really useful videos for your ‘tots tennis’ sessions (under 5s). It’s also a subscription website which I have subscribed to, but there are plenty of good free videos on their youtube channel. is a great site full of drills, teaching methods & tips, technical stuff, high speed video clips and more. If you are an accredited LTA coach, you get it for free. Otherwise it costs about $24 per month or $144 for the year.

Youtube channels & videos

There are so many great youtube channels and videos with great tennis instruction and drills. Rather than list them here, go to my youtube channel and you’ll see which channels I subscribe to. I’m also putting together playlists of good videos, e.g. ‘great serve instruction videos’, ‘little kids drills’ etc. You’ll see a few of my vids as well. Be sure to subscribe.


Getting help, advice & guidance


GB Sport

This organisation, run by Mike Lynch offers great advice for clubs and coaches on marketing, business, finances. Some great free stuff on the website and Facebook page as well as paid services. I’ve personally been on Mike’s courses and used his consultancy service.


Sport England

This website has a wealth of resources and knowledge for clubs and coaches just too much to describe. I’ve just discovered their image library, which contains images for loads of different sports (including tennis) which you can use for your marketing projects.

But more………

Surrey Coaches Club

Club Matters

are all part of Sport England but all contain their own wealth of great resources.

I’ll be back soon with more……….

Promoting Activity – a British site (like a lot of things I put on here), but could be useful for anyone. If you dig into it, you’ll find some great marketing resources and case studies.



Blogs / Vlogs / Podcasts

Game Set Watch is a video series by OncourtOffcourt with marketing ideas


Grants / Loans / Funding

This one is Surrey, Uk, based – Surrey Playing Fields supports local clubs with grants (up to £1,000) and loans (up to £40,000). They also offer bursaries to young athletes in elite sport and coaches (up to £250), aged between 10 and 20 years old who need a helping hand to improve in their chosen sport.


Graphics (for your marketing)

Giphy is for downloading and creating GIFs, which can liven up your emails. See below:

giphy – is great for photo editing, creating graphics, memes etc. – also good for creating graphics – is awesome for creating posters and leaflets