Skittles – fun game for little kids aged 4 upwards

Bit of fun for the end of the lesson. This one needs foam balls and you’ll see why!

1) Lay out spots to put the kids in two teams in the positions below

Little Kids Tennis Drill


2) One team has to be the skittles. They stand still with their rackets in front of their faces.

3) The other team are the servers. When coach says ‘go’ they serve and try to hit the skittles (with soft foam balls). The team gets a point for each skittle they hit.

4) Change and do it the other way round.

Simple but fun – and they can work on any serve technique you’ve been doing with them. This will work with kids as young as 4. If they can’t serve, they can just do a ‘push serve’ where they hold the ball on the strings above their head and push the ball off the racket.

You can also do this games with other shots, like a bounce-hit.

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