Take payments for your tennis lessons with Paypal

If your tennis coaching business has reached the point where you take lots of payments, Paypal can be a good way to go. This gives people the opportunity to pay you with a credit / debit card. Paypal will charge you 2-4% for this, but I find that it’s worth it for the convenience of being paid immediately.

There are different ways that you can take payments – you can create ‘buy now’ buttons to go on your web site, send people Paypal invoices where they can just click ‘pay now’, right through to setting up full shopping cart systems.

Personally, I use it in a couple of ways:

1) To send people Paypal invoices – it’s a real headache chasing people for money. And if they have to send a cheque or set up a bank transfer, there’s less chance of them doing it. But with a Paypal invoice, you just set up the amount, send them an invoice (with a note included if you wish) and they just click ‘pay now’. It probably takes a minute to send the invoice.

2) I’ve used Paypal to start taking payments through my web site. You can see it at www.surreytennis.com/juniortennisbooking. By the way, if you’re interested in how to create an online booking form like that one, it’s done for free on web site called Jotform

So, set up your Paypal business account. It only takes a few minutes.



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