Tennis Coach Tools UK

On this page I will give details of all the tools that have been useful to me as a tennis coach. Just click on the links to go directly to to buy.

The Block Rocker

This portable, rechargeable speaker is great for cardio tennis sessions, kids camps and any sessions where you want to get some music out on the court. Just plug in your ipod and go. It’s powerful enough to blast music across the courts if you so wish – and its useful off the tennis court as well for parties / bbqs etc.


Kodak ZI8 Pocket Video Camera

This is so cool. It’s a little flip cam which you can use to film your clients or yourself playing tennis. One really great feature is that you can plug it straight into your computer to transfer the video.
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The Gorillapod

Use this to attach your video camera to the fence. There are devices out there on sale for £100+ for attaching a video camera to a fence. This handy little device does the job for around £10. Result!


Here is a video I made of me and the coaches in my team playing some doubles – I used the ZI8 camera attached to the fence with the gorillapod. That’s me in the light blue shirt. No comments about my dodgy service action please 😉 The quality of the video has been reduced a bit – I think by me editing it and in the upload to youtube, but you can see how stable it is on the fence with the Gorillapod. Please feel free to comment below.